14 Aug

Montessori Preschool Math Education – Here’s Why it Works So Well

After 15 years as a math educator, and figure of five youngsters, I really saw something new (to me) in math training this beyond 12 months, that virtually impressed me.

My (then 4-yr-old) son attended a Montessori preschool class and found out math ideas in a way that I had in no way used myself in the study room, nor had any of my three older kids learned earlier than.

The Montessori Approach to Math
The Montessori math training idea is based on going from concrete to more abstract training, mentioned in Montessori lingo as “works,” which might be truly just manipulatives.

These nicely-designed, particularly specialised manipulatives for every “math work” make the summary thoughts a lot greater available to a toddler.

Each new paintings is introduced to the pupil best thru a one-on-one lesson with the trainer.

Thanks to this individualized education, the teacher can wait until each pupil is prepared for the subsequent stage of abstraction earlier than introducing it.

Step-via-Step Progress
Some children in my son’s (mixed age) preschool class had been nevertheless learning to matter to 20, even as others have been learning location price and addition and subtraction. But, even the ones more youthful youngsters doing the early math works understood that they had to grasp counting and one-to-one relationships so one can do the location price and addition and subtraction works.

This is a really important idea for children to do not forget. There may be no “skipping” lessons inside the Montessori preschool math curriculum, (and there shouldn’t be “skipping” in any math curriculum, in my humble opinion.) My son’s classmates take into account that gaining knowledge of each lesson is a method to an lead to competency in math. It is a outstanding approach to preschool math education!

Math Lessons Are Fun!
From my son’s angle, the “works” he used to study math had been nearly like toys. He were given to play with them in the manner the instructor showed him and then he got here away with mastery of a math idea. In reality, those works are just virtually well-designed math training manipulatives that educate one surprisingly focused math concept.

There are works that train key math training skills together with; size, counting, quantity order, number formation, one-to-one relationships, addition and subtraction, or even higher math standards. Every time the teacher added a brand new math “paintings” the kids who have been geared up for that next math concept were excited and energized to learn a brand new math skill. They watch and help every other complete the responsibilities of the work and examine from their peers in that manner. This is a awesome manner to have institution math paintings!

Montessori Works as Toys
Some of those math manipulatives might make wonderful toys and “kitchen table” lessons for mother and father to do with their children while introducing math ideas at home. I changed into very thrilled with my son’s progress in math the use of the Montessori preschool-math training technique, of direction he had an extremely gifted teacher, but I assume many children could advantage from the use of the Montessori math manipulatives at home,too.

Etan Savir is a 15-12 months math trainer and presently the mathematics branch chairman at Garrison Forrest School, a k-12 university prep faculty in Owings Mills, Maryland.

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